Public Letter to Our Troops

Public Letters to Our Troops

We are behind you 110% here in America. We want you to know that we believe what you're doing over there and we support you 110%. Keep doing what your doing and again we appreciate what you're doing for us. Have an awesome day.

Hi. Good afternoon. Good evening. Good morning. Just wanna send a lovely message to our service members. And if you would like an email buddy or a penpal, I'm very good at writing and would love to send love and appreciation and blessings overseas. My name is Heather. I hope you are well. Email me if you'd like a penpal and I would be more than happy to send letters and packages. And I wish you many, many blessings. Thank you so much for your service. Take care and God bless. Bye.

Hey guys. My name's Bobby calling in from Transvin, West Virginia. I just want to call and say thanks for all you guys did for us. if it wasn't for you all, we wouldn't be where we're at. I wanted to wish you have a safe journey and safe trip to make it back home. We love you. Bye.

Hello, my brothers and sisters in arms. My name is Matt Thompson. I'm from West Virginia. I wanted to tell you all, my brothers and sisters in arms that I think about you virtually every minute of every day. I myself have never been in the military but me and my family and every family I've ever met in the United States are living a **** life because of what you did. I know what we see on the television isn't the whole story. I have many friends that are either in the military or ex-military and I know there's a lot that's left unsaid as I suppose it should be but I understand the troubles, I understand your hardships and I appreciate them all. I know orders at this time are not always the easiest to follow and I understand why and it's a shame. Hopefully America will change that but I still admire you. As a soldier you have no choice in duty but to follow your orders and the good and the bad and for that I admire you all so very much. I love you with all my heart and there's no one anymore dear to me than my brothers and sisters in arms. They're just the dearest, they're beyond friends. Being a brother or a sister is far past being a friend. I appreciate everyone of you. Thank you for all you do. I can't really put my appreciation in words and thank you. Those words just seem so empty compared to what I have for you. If ever you need anything, if it's within my power, please let me know. I thank you all so very much and there's a website also that you may enjoy. It's called or If you have a chance, visit those websites. I don't know them. I'm just a member there. It's a place for a lot of military and ex-military brothers have gathered and we just kinda have friendship and fellowship. So, but if you need anything, please yell and I know that can mean a whole lot sometimes. I know you need a lot. I just love you and appreciate you beyond words. Thank you so much for everything, each and everyone of you. Goodbye.

Hello my brother or my sister. I am Matt Thompson. I'm in West Virginia in the United States. My phone number is 304-589-7673 . I just wanted to tell you I am sending this message randomly to anyone in the service. I don't care whether you're pullin' triggers or peelin' potatoes, or anything in between. I have the utmost respect for what you do. Your commander in chief I know isn't the easiest to follow right now. Probably, the hardest thing you do is follow orders. But, I tell you, I appreciate everything you do, the good and the bad. I realize your life isn't nowhere's near as easy as what we're led to believe, and most of your military life is untold to the public, as I suppose it should be. But, I realize what you're goin' through and I can't put my appreciation into words and my love for ya. So, I just wanted to tell ya that I do love ya and appreciate ya and I appreciate what you do for this country, and we wouldn't be here if weren't for you and everybody like you. I love ya. Again, this is Matt Thompson in West Virginia, Whoever you are, I love you beyond words. Bye.

I want to thank you for your service. This is the day after Veteran's Day.

Notes to Quicktate from our Team

I think this an awesome thing that you are doing and I am so proud to be able to participate in it. I would also like to make a recommendation: Not everyone in the military has a loved one back here to call them. Maybe you could also take calls from people to go to a random soldier, kind of like the miscellaneous cards & gifts that get sent to random soldiers at Christmas time. If you were to do that, I would definitely be sending a call to a soldier that needs it.

What a wonderful idea. I hope that word gets out on this. Our military need all the letters and calls to keep up morale. Thank you Quicktate for doing this and for offering me the opportunity to help.

I think this is a good idea. It's great that the soldiers can not only read a letter from home, but they get to hear the voices of their loved ones!

I would be happy to help send messages to our military members. I think it's great that you are offering this service. Thank you as a military spouse who has had her husband deployed during the holidays.

This is a wonderful idea to offer to our Military Families. I hope a lot of people take this opportunity and use the service. Just recently I have had a very close friend that lost her son in Afghanistan. The soldiers will appreciate being able to listen to messages from their families. Thank you quicktate for offering this. I will devote as much time as I possibly can to help out.

I would love to participate in this wonderful opportunity for family to communicate with their loved ones!

What an awesome idea!

I'm a wife of a deployed soldier. Thank you for providing this service for families and the soldiers. I think this will be a much needed morale boost. I will be more than happy to help type for this project.

What a great program! Thank you for doing this for our military members and their families. I'm glad to be a part of it.

I believe this is a perfect service provided for soldiers.

I think this is a very good initiative and will go a long way to make families happy.

I would be honored to volunteer my time for the families of our men and women who are in the Military.

Excellent program and I'm willing to type as many as needed!

Excellent idea and I am happy to help.

This is a wonderful service you are providing and I am more than happy to donate my time.

I want to thank you for making this service available free of charge for our servicemen/women & their families. I look forward to being a part of this & hope it is so successful that it will become a regular free service each year.

This will be quite a blessing.

This is great! Thanks for doing this.

Although I am only able to commit to 10 minutes per day, I will certainly give more time when I am able to.

This is fantastic!!!!! Thank you so much.

This is very loving and caring.
Wonderful service!

I think this is a wonderful idea! I am friends with a Marine recruiter. I would love to pass on any information on how his men could sign up for this. I will probably be able to type more but did not want to say I could and then find out it wouldn't work.

I think this is an amazing program! I would love to be a part of it.

I think it is very nice of you to provide this service and I would be honored to help.

This is a great service to offer and I signed up for the minimum but if I am able I will try to do more. One more clue to me that this is a great company to work for!

I may be able to do more but I wanted to commit to at least 5 minutes a day.

This is the least I can do to show them how much I appreciate them keeping us safe and knowing that they are missing their family and friends during the Holiday season.

I think this is a great thing to do and I will happily be a part of it.

I think it is a great idea. Happy to help out.

I will happily do more if I can. We will be out of town for four days after Thanksgiving, but could begin to type these calls on November 30th. This is a great service and I am proud to support it. Thank you!

As a military spouse I appreciate the service and am happy to help.

I shot low with the amount of time I could give because I won't want to commit to something and not be able to do as I promised.

I think this is a wonderful thing Quicktate is doing, and I am excited and proud to be a part of it! Many families will be happy with this service :-)

It's good to know that Quicktate will provide their service for free for soldiers stationed overseas, for their spouses and children too. When you sow good things into people's lives, you will surely reap a bunch of good things.

I think this is an excellent idea!!

This is a great thing that Quicktate is doing, and I'm happy to be a part of it.

I would be honored to help out the families and their loved ones in the Military. The families and their loved ones have made so many sacrifices to give us our freedom and typing their messages during the holidays would be my way of thanking them.

This is awesome and I would love to donate my time for these soldiers and their families

This is really a good thing that the company is doing.

This is a great service for our military. I have been hoping to find a way to serve, but with my young children it has been difficult. Thanks for this opportunity.

This is Awesome. Thank you for honoring our men and women in the military.

My son-in-law is stationed in North Dakota at Grand Forks Air Force Base.

The time I could donate would likely vary depending on the day. Some days could possibly be an hour or more, others might only be 30 minutes or less to volunteer -- it would depend on the daily workload/schedule of my transcription job. But I am definitely interested in donating time when I can to do these, as I think it would be a great thing to do for our service men and women and their families.

I think this is great, and would be happy to contribute some time to transcribe these letters.

I think it is a great thing you are doing, and would be honored to participate.

I think this is a great way to give back. Thank you for the opportunity.

Thanks for the opportunity to serve.

I feel this is a great service for our troops. It will help them feel connected to their families through the holidays. I will give as much of my time as I possibly can (with having to make money for Christmas for my 4 children). It is an honor to be able to help Quicktate with this labor of love.

I don't personally have anyone in the military at this time, but I know if I did, how much I would appreciate it. I am honored to be able to give something back to those who serve for our Country and the families that miss them and worry about them every day.

Thank you for the opportunity.

This is great and I would very much like to help!

I would love to participate, but I have a newborn at home and just don't have any extra time at this moment. I will definitely help out next year though!

This is a great program which I'd like to contribute to.

I have a nephew serving in Tikrit at this time.

I think it's great what you're doing for the men and women serving our country.

My son is in the military but stationed stateside. I will try to do more if able.

I was going to go into the military when I graduated High School but I was unable to serve. I appreciate what our troops do everyday.

I think this is a wonderful thing to do and I am happy to help out.

This is awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to be of service to those who protect us.

This is such a great idea and I wish I had more time in the day to give to this. Unfortunately, with 2 young children running around, I don't, but I'm happy to contribute even if it's just a little. Thanks for the opportunity to give a little back to these men and women who give so much for our country!

Yes, I would definitely use this service if I had a family member in the military.

I think this is a great service. I may be able to volunteer more time per day depending on my obligations that day. I think our armed forces need all of the support and morale that they can get especially near the holidays.

I just wanted to note that this is a wonderful idea. My fiance is currently in Iraq and I know that this will be greatly appreciated by many who have loved ones away as well as their soldiers. Any hours I can put in to help, I'm more than willing to do. Thank you!

This is a great program that i think everyone could take the advantage of to use. Personally knowing how precious it is to have a few minutes to hera your loved ones voice from so far away, i know how many people will be impressed and grateful for this opportunity.

My son is currently serving in Afghanistan with his US Army Reserve unit. I would donate more time to this project.

Great idea!

I think it's a great service and I am glad to be able to serve soldiers in some way.

I think this is a great thing and I am glad you guys are doing this to make the holidays for our service men and women a little bit easier.

Notes from Quicktate to our Team

Dear Quicktate Typists: Quicktate would like to express its appreciation for your eagerness in helping support our troops. Keep up the good work! Lee